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Quantum Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, today’s changing corporate culture demands the latest tools, technology and processes to bring top performing results from the employee population.  From the Board Room to the hourly employee, how you approach hiring, attrition, team building, succession planning, risk management, safety, wellness and loss prevention will all have a dramatic effect on your success.  Our Platform provides the tools and support for employees to become more fully engaged; enhancing the brand and elevating performance.

Quantum Wellness

Using our proven approach, employers can lower health cost trends without additional risk to the business. We bring experience for moving employees into health and wellness accountability. Our approach has proven to lower the employer expenditures in a self-funded plan. Don’t let the current results of your wellness strategy distract you from attaining the results we can achieve.

Quantum Tools and Technology

Quantum Technology Platform

Quantum Matrix: a “Front end” Communications Profiling tool used to mine data found in common databases relating to an employer’s census, PBM system, Health Risk Assessment/Biometric Screening, Survey and/or Claims data from the TPA/Carrier.

Quantum Profiler:  Provides segmentation of your diverse employee population and graphically represent the communications plan across all logistical components.   

Quantum Communications:  A messaging infrastructure that can be delivered across multiple platforms including Web, Portal and/or direct engagement aligning with industry leading best practices.

Quantum Motorsport Team Development

Competition motorsport teams must operate at hyper speed and efficiency to find success.   Each member of the team must perform at their peak when it counts most.  Trust is essential to high performance.  Put another way, from the tire changer to the crew chief; everyone must be emotionally engaged.  Gallup defines engagement as the emotional attachment an individual feels toward an organization; a critical factor in determining productivity, loyalty, attitude and ultimately performance.  All successful organizations measure which employees are fully engaged; enhancing trust and elevating performance.  At Quantum Services Group, our racing experience and talent development solutions support continual improvements towards crafting a culture of engagement and transformational teamwork..

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