Quantum Population Health

Health & Wellness Solutions

Quantum Services Group has over 20 years experience evaluating and implementing Enterprise Wellness programs that engage and drive savings to your company.  Contact us for your FREE benchmark evaluation.

Medical Management Services

Health plan carrier-based UM/CM solutions have fallen short of meeting your enterprise goals for medical outcome and cost containment.

Quantum provides world-class support through proven partners for:  

1.  Case Management  

2.  Disease Management  

3.  Expert Medical 2nd Opinion  

4. Health Advocacy 

5.  Concierge Benefits

Health Data Analysis

Quantum Services Group will benchmark your available health data for Key Performance Metrics.  These measures will become the basis for contractual guaruntees supporting ROI and cost savings from your current self-funded healthcare spend.

Technology, Machine Learning and AI

Enterprise data is going through another cycle of technology disruption.  Don't be left behind!  Forbes research indicates that, by 2035, AI could double economic growth rates  in 20 countries, and boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent.  Quantum Services Group has access to the latest cognitive learning algorithms and predictive analytics.

Medical and Rx Transparency

Healthcare consumerism must extend beyond cost-shifting to the employee for a sustainable impact to the enterprise.  Partnership with Castlight and Healthcare Blue Book provide opportunities to "shop" for higher quality, lower cost healthcare.  

Onsite Occupational Healthcare

Quantum has proven effective strategies for bringing the OOC to your company landscape.  Where it used to require a minimum of 5,000 employees in a location to drive ROI; now employers with as few as 800 employees can enjoy the rewards of onsite care.